Monday, June 21, 2010

From Rebecca's Kitchen Window

Okay, I should have known better than to expect our animals to behave on a Sunday! It all started after church was over. I was driving us up the lane and we noticed that the sheep were out of their fenced in area! So Gary and I hop out of our van and go see what is going on. Oh no, a lamb got her head caught in the fence and she was dead! So Gary opens the fence to get the sheep back into their area and a few ewe's and their babies take off. Gary asks me to go catch up to them so they aren't running all over the farm. So I do catch up to them. I see they are right beside the manure pit, so I stand back and hope they don't fall in. Just as I was thinking please sheep turn around don't do it. A mother ewe goes flying right into it. Gosh, now what do I do. I have church clothes on and yet, I can't just let her die. All that you could see of her was her back. So I put a board down on the ground to cover the manure on the ground. Okay, now, how in the world am I suppose to lean over and get her head out of the manure. She is stuck fast in it and she can't move. I found this long pipe and so I grab it in hopes that somehow I can pry her head up so she can breath. While at the same time, yelling Gary come quick. Which he can't hear me cause he is trying to get the rest of the sheep back in on the other side of the building. Finally, he sees me and we both try to pry her head up. We thought maybe we got her head up some so she could breath. We then ran into the house, changed our clothes and went back out. We just couldn't get her out soon enough and so we lost her. Well, we got her out and then decided we better put some new fencing up around the sheep. Finally, we are done and we go in the house, take a shower and then go lay out on our deck with our feet in the pool. Ahhh that feels so refreshing. I suppose we better go get our lunch it's getting pretty late already. We sit up and what do we see, 2 cows that decided to somehow get across the electric fence, go down the ditch and up the other side and down the field to our pool! They must think that Ohioan cows are more fun than california ones. I think they were headed for a swim! Here we go again!! Get on our croc's and then off on the Kabuta. I am driving behind the cows and Gary is walking along to make sure they stay together. We get them back to the ditch. I watch Gary go down into the ditch, with his croc's coming off as they stick to the mud on the bottem of the ditch. Luckily, he finds them. Then they get to the other side, Gary takes down the fence they cross over and then back up the fence goes. I hop back on the kabuta, drive through the tall grass back to the farm. Gary plugs the fence charger back on. I pick him up and back we go to the house. So much for a relaxing day after Leah's graduation party! Now it's 3pm and we are finally eating lunch! Gary took a nap for an hour and it was time to do afternoon chores! Well, wasn't that a fun Sunday?!

Gary ordered new fencing for the sheep this week! It will hopefully take care of all their escaping!
Talk to you soon.

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