Saturday, December 26, 2009

From Rebecca's kitchen window.

Hi Everyone!
This is my very first blog and I am wondering where to begin!
To start out with I want to know how in the world animals ever heard that the grass is always greener on the other side!! I think our animals take that literally!! It seems as if I can look out any window of our home and see animals that like to risk electrical shock!! For example, we always seem to have chickens getting out. Last week Jacob (our son) noticed I had a cow in the front yard! Oh, I can't forget how a deer ran through some of our electric fence and the sheep decided to go on a day trip through the fields! That took a bit to get all them back where they belong. So I am sure you will hear many more animal adventures, they seem to happen to us alot!
Gary actually was able to sleep in on Christmas day, Ethan (our son) did all Gary's chores for him. What a blessing that was, I can't remember the last time Gary had a day off. What a blessing to be able to spend a day with all our children and grandchildren, all 19 of us enjoyed a day together. Hope you did as well.
The animals behaved yesterday, but we did have one of our hoop buildings decide to fly the coop!! Sorry, I couldn't resist. If you are curious what a hoop building is you can check out the pictures in our picture gallery to see what it used to look like!! It used to be around 7 feet tall and now has been condensed down to 3 feet tall!! Yikes! We still have two more left! At least the sheep didn't blow away with it! We always hate when we have high winds because you never know what might happen. So unfortunately, our hoop building blew out of our pasture and into the neighbor's field. It was staked down and it still blew away and now it is ruined! Plus, the wind was trying to rip off some roofing. So wind is never good out here! I am grateful we didn't have anymore damage. That was plenty! Gary really appreciated the calm weather today!
Hope you will be back to check out more adventures from my kitchen window.