Tuesday, June 15, 2010

From Rebecca's Kitchen Window

Hi Everyone,

It's been a while since I have blogged. Gary ended back up in the hospital with more blood clots and then we had a prom, a graduation, and then just had our graduation party. So I am finally back again. My goal is to blog every week or so.
Gary is back working on the farm again, which I am grateful for, it's hard keeping a farmer in the house! He still doesn't have all his strength back, but that doesn't seem to stop him! He loves being outside with the animals and enjoying the outdoors. Sometimes, I wonder who he enjoys being with the most? lol
The other day Gary decided he needed to get his cow back up to the farm, she is due to calf soon, so he wanted to bring her up from the pasture. So he decided to do this by himself! Gary thought how hard can this be, this cow follows him all over the pasture, and she loves him petting her and scratching her around the ears! Surely, she will follow him to the farm! Which means she has to follow him out of the field, over the bridge and down our lane. It started out really good, Gary got her out of the pasture and then she met the bridge! She no longer thought that following Gary was a good idea! I am amazed what good breaks cows have, it's one thing picking up your child when they don't want to go with you but, to move a cow when they don't want to go with you is another story! I didn't know he was doing this and I was taking my usual walk around the farm, it's actually 1/2 mile around my walking route. Just incase anyone wants to know! So, I was coming down the road and see Gary trying to coax the cow to cross the bridge. So I figure I better come to his aid and try to help him. I knew he would get the job done, but how quickly not so sure about that! So I got behind the cow and start pushing her from behind, and yet stand beside her just in case she wants to kick! Swish goes her tail and now I get manure on me! Yuck and it's on my new weight wrist bands to boot! So anyway, somehow we manage to get her to the lane, and she stops again. Gary hands me the lead rope to hold her, while he hops on the tractor to move it away from the lane and she sees it and jumps a little, what do I do? Of course get scared drop the rope and move out of the way! I maybe a farm wife, I never said I was a brave farm wife! Great now where is she going to go! Well, she must have looked ahead and realized that she knows this place and proceeds forward! So Gary gets off the tractor and we followed her up to the building we wanted her at. Animals who can figure them out! Nothing is ever easy as it seems it should be!! She had a beautiful little calf a week, or so later. She isn't milking good, and is sick now, so not sure if we will use her again. You have to have animals that deliver and milk good, when that is part of your lively hood.
Good thing I was able to have 6 children easily (well as easy as one can have when they come out 10 pounds!) and was a good nurser, what might have been the consequences for me? Just kidding!
Well, it's been several weeks now and we ended up losing the mother of the calf. It's never easy when you lose a animal.
The cycle continues though!
We did enjoy seeing Shirley give birth to 10 baby pigs, she did lose one, so we have 9 adorable little black and white Berkshire pigs. They are so cute, they are out in the field running around and having fun! Laverne just had her babies a couple of days ago and she has eight black and white Berkshire pigs. They are adorable as well. Good job Sqiggy! What can I say, when we got them there where 2 gilts and a boar, it immediately made me think of the Laverne and Shirley Show! So hence came the names, Laverne, Shirley, and Sqiggy!
The guys have butchered several groups of chickens now and so we have frozen chicken for sale again. I am looking forward to putting some chicken on our new grill Gary and I got. We haven't had a nice grill ever, so it will be fun trying our meats on it. Gary can be the grill master!
Last week our day had started out as any other, Gary milked and then came in for some breakfast. Then went back outside to work. It wasn't more than a half hour and I get this phone call from Gary. "Becky, I've been hurt can you come and get me." I'm like are you kidding me, he said no, I ask him what he needs and he says the van and a towel. Okay, he's on blood thinner and he wants a towel! Okay, now my whole body is shaking. Where are you I ask, he says by the ditch. I ask him several times where, I can tell he seems to be shaken up and so I say, Okay, I'll be there. I go get a towel, run out the door, and hop in the van. I am thinking where do I go he said by the ditch, we have ditches all around the farm, where do I go and what am I going to find when I get there! I call the boys, and Jacob says, we are just pulling in and I know right where he is, follow me. Another miracle, I have experienced. I have seen so many of them these past few months! So we go back where he is, find him sitting on the ground. The boys hop out of the truck and attend to Gary. I slowly get out in fear of what I might see, things seem okay. I walk over to him and he looks okay. Here he was using the post whole digger and it hit him in the head. He had a small cut that bleed. but he was okay. He probably will have a bruise on his head! They just got this post whole digger and it must be made different from our last one, he has never had that happen in all these years. Our son also had that happen to him, but without a cut! Time for that to go back I think. That's one thing about living on the farm, I pray for safety. They are careful and know about being safe, but things like this can happen.
I have been so blessed with family, friends, and my dearest friend and husband Gary. I have found out that if I just open my eyes and see there are miracles that happen all around me.
Thanks to all of you who read my blogs and want to learn more about what happens in our lifes, down on the farm.
Please join me again to see what happens next, out my kitchen window and out on the farm!
Our graduation party was over Saturday and we are looking forward to a relaxing Sunday afternoon.



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