Thursday, March 25, 2010

From Rebecca's Kitchen Window

We will sure be glad when we finally get warm weather. It is exciting to see that the grass is starting to green up and know that the animals will start thriving on it.

As usual Gary starts every morning with milking the cows, all 7 of them! Thankfully, he promised me that he would only milk once a day so we could have a life besides milking! Alot of information said that it wouldn't work milking once a day, luckily, Gary proved them wrong!
He really enjoys being with the cows and their peacefulness. I don't know what that says about me!

Our chickens are beginning to learn about what the cows have already learned, that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence! They are now exploring my yard! If that continues they may find themselves in the pot, on my stove, for chicken noodle soup! Take that!

Our sheep are looking very pregnant and should be having baby lambs in 2 to 3 weeks. Hopefully, they will have alot of twins. I love watching the baby lambs out our windows, they have so much fun jumping straight up in the air and running all around.

I guess, the funniest thing this week, except for our son Ethan, was that Gary told him to go get this wagon of hay from another farmer. He was returning a wagon that we had used before and saw that the wagon he was to take with the hay on, had a flat tire. So he took all the hay off that wagon and put it on the wagon he brought over and brought it back home.( which is a very slow drive! ) He was so proud of how he took probably 100 bales of hay and put them on another wagon all by himself and how tired he was from doing that. To find out after a phone call that he had taken someone else's hay, instead of our hay!! So the next morning back he goes with the wagon full of hay, to get the wagon of hay, that he was suppose to take!! Sometimes we sure work hard around here and don't really get much done!

This Week, Gary and I took our customers their meat and egg orders up to Perrysburg. I enjoy spending a little time alone with Gary, even if it is making a delivery. We also made deliveries to two health food stores.

We also picked up 3 little pigs, not the ones you have read about! They are an old breed of pig, called large black. They are suppose to be good on pastures and their meat they say is very flavorful.

So that pretty well sums up some of the highlights of our week.

Please check in again to see what I may find lurking out my kitchen window! Hopefully, it isn't another chicken!



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